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An introductory book on edible wild plants

Introduction to Foraging

In 2016 I launched The Good Life Revival, a blog and podcast focused on homesteading, gardening, permaculture, ecology, and related topics.

As my audience grew, I discovered a need within the community for high-quality information about edible wild plants.

Most of the existing resources online were either too "folksy" or else too scientific and academic.

I set out to bridge the gap with Introduction to Foraging: A Beginner's Guide to Gathering Wild Foods With Confidence, self-published in early 2018.

The book consists of two main parts: first, a broad introduction to the topic of foraging; and second, a review of 12 of the most common species and genera of edible wild plants in North America and Europe.

Introduction to Foraging enabled to me to make a name for myself as a reputable source for practical and well-researched information about wild foods.

I would go on to tutor dozens of students from all over the United States and Canada on this topic through my Wild Food Mentorship program in 2019.

I followed up this book in 2019 with my online course, Foraging North America: the Botany, Taxonomy, and Ecology of Edible Wild Plants.

Introduction to Foraging was revised and expanded into a second edition in 2022, now available to purchase through the Sycamore Garden Shop.