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A call to action for skeptical software developers

Hashnode call to action

Hashnode is blogging platform for writers in the tech industry. In 2021, I served as the company's first Marketing Manager.

Software engineers are notoriously difficult to market to, because they tend to be exceptionally skeptical of anything that resembles traditional marketing.

At Hashnode, I cultivated a voice and tone to speak to users as one of their peers—a knowledgeable colleague who's been around the block and wants to give you his honest opinion. This voice is confident without being pushy, and reassuring without being patronizing.

I wrote a great deal of marketing copy during my time at Hashnode, but the call to action below remains one of my favorite pieces. I think it perfectly encapsulates both the company's primary value propositions, as well as the voice and tone that I created for the company.

✍️ Developer Blogging Done Right

Here at Hashnode, we take content ownership seriously.

We believe that it's your right as a citizen of the internet to own what you create on your own domain.

When you publish on your Hashnode blog, you reap the SEO benefits. If you ever decide to 😭 leave us, you get to take all of your domain authority with you.

But unlike a self-hosted blog that may have trouble reaching an audience, with Hashnode you're plugged into our massive global developer community on day one.

That means thousands of readers and fellow dev bloggers can easily find your work on their feed from the moment you click Publish.

And we offer this to you, 100% free, forever. ✅

Click here to get started now.