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API documentation for an open source React UI library

Base UI documentation

MUI is an international startup best known for Material UI, an open source React UI library that implements Google's Material Design.

In 2022 the company introduced Base UI, a library of headless UI components extracted from its more opinionated predecessor, Material UI. I took ownership of the Base UI documentation, collaborating with the library's maintainers to document the component APIs and DOM structure, provide code snippets and demos, and share best practices for usage.

I was responsible for creating and implementing a standard page structure and formatting for each of the component documents. I handled all aspects of the organization and information architecture. I wrote the majority of the text based on earlier drafts and internal notes created by the library's engineers. I created and implemented the company Style Guide to ensure consistency in voice and tone.

The MUI docs site is built with Next.js and Material UI, and hosted on Netlify. All content is written in Markdown. We took a docs-as-code approach to writing these docs, tracking revisions with git and handling all reviews and edits in GitHub.

This project was part of a larger effort to overhaul the documentation of all of MUI's products, and it served as an initial testing ground to establish patterns and templates that could be reused in the future.

Read the Base UI documentation.