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A complete branding overhaul for a digital product consultancy

Mainmatter (formerly simplabs) is a digital product consultancy that works with SME clients around the world.

As the company and its clientele had evolved over the years, the founders began to feel that "simplabs" and its branding no longer described their work accurately.

They hired a strategist to define their company branding and style, then brought me on as a copywriter to implement the new style across their entire website.

I began the project with a complete content audit, reviewing all 26 pages on the existing site to find the areas with the most room for improvement, and to identify the big-picture themes I would need to iterate on throughout the site.

Next, I created a brand lexicon to hone in on the key terms and phrases that best convey the company's updated image while appealing to their ideal clientele.

The landing page contains the most valuable copywriting by far, so this is where I always start the revisions on a project like this. I worked with the project's designer to implement my updated copy on the new landing page, to ensure that the words would sit properly and flow smoothly in the context of the new design.

From there, I rewrote the copy and content across the remaining 25 pages, taking each page through one or two rounds of revisions until the team was happy with the work.

This project was a massive undertaking, but equally satisfying to be able to have such a big impact on the company's overall marketing strategy as they continue to grow.

Read the foundational copywriting I wrote for this project below:

Brand Lexicon

  • guide, guidance
  • experts, expertise
  • vision, future
  • sustainable
  • practical, pragmatic
  • knowledge, knowledge transfer
  • long-term, long haul, timeless, test of time
  • grow, scale, expand, accelerate
  • collaborate, cross-pollinate
  • elegant, flexible, delightful

Examples of brand lexicon in use

  • Your sustainable success is our expertise
  • Your expert guides for the journey ahead
  • Bridging the gap between vision and strategic execution
  • Accelerate your growth with dedicated specialists
  • Prepare your team for long-term success
  • Your users want a delightful experience
  • Tap into practical insight from our experts
  • Our experts are ready to guide you through your next big move

Primary call to action

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Secondary call to action

Work with us

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